Diana Parks

Owner & Managing Partner

Diana Parks spent 10 years working for the public sector as counsel at the General Services Administration, which is the procurement and real estate management agency for the federal government. With a decade of knowledge at her disposal, she opened her own firm in order to advise clients on the process of obtaining government contracts and other business matters involving the federal government. She is dedicated to providing sound legal representation to those seeking guidance.


Hadeel N. Masseoud

Senior Associate

Hadeel N. Masseoud provides her clients with skilled legal counsel on government contracts, particularly in the areas of government leases and acquisitions. She frequently works with both new and existing companies to develop legally compliant policies and negotiate and draft agreements with government entities and subcontractors. With her extensive experience in government lease novations, agency protests, contractor, and claims, Hadeel is the legal partner you want on your side. Discover how she can help you pursue your desire outcome.

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Julie Vail


Julie Vail is a graduate of Georgia State University College of Law. Since joining Curran Legal Services Group, Inc. Julie has become a valuable team member. Her duties include consulting with clients, reviewing and drafting legal documents, and managing contract novations from start to finish. She has gained practical skills and knowledge that have contributed to her academic success. In the future, Julie plans to obtain her license to practice law in Georgia and continue her employment with Curran Legal.

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Why Choose Curran Legal?

Knowledge of the System
The team has years of experience in working with the federal government and is able to draw on this specialized knowledge when assisting clients. By having direct insight into the system, its attorneys are able to anticipate the decisions that the government may make and build strategies accordingly. Since 2006, they have been able to successfully represent clients all over the United States and assist them in making their business ventures become a reality.

Dedication to Their Clients
Working with the government can be a difficult and daunting task, especially if you are doing it by yourself. The attorneys at Curran Legal Services Group, Inc. are devoted to providing you with the information you need to build a strong strategy. Their main goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible while seeking a favorable outcome. Reach out today to find out if Curran Legal may be a good fit for you. They represent clients in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the U.S.

Insightful Representation for Federal Government Contract Dealings

The attorneys at Curran Legal Services Group, Inc. provide thorough representation when counseling their clients on all aspects of contracting with the federal government. They are devoted to creating strong, successful strategies when representing your interests in a government contract. Whether you are looking to propose an initial bid to the government or want to challenge the government for a breach of contract, their experienced team is here for you. Get started today by setting up a consultation.

If you decide to contract with the federal government, don't do it alone. For accessible and collaborative legal guidance, reach out to Curran Legal Services Group, Inc. Their main goal is to make the process of pursuing a federal business contract as stress-free as possible. If you are looking to do business with the U.S. government or need assistance with any other procurement law matters, contact their law firm today. Whether you live in Atlanta, Georgia, or anywhere else across the country, they are prepared to serve you.

Need Guidance When Dealing with the Government?

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