Full-Service Government Breach of Contract Representation

Curran Legal Services Group serves clients throughout the United States in government contract matters. Curran Legal primarily focuses on construction and real estate matters and has substantial experience helping clients address government delays, the failure to pay, sidestepping express or implied terms of an agreement and other performance issues on a comprehensive scale to obtain favorable results.

Attorney Diana Parks worked as a government lawyer for 10 years with the General Services Administration. She has firsthand knowledge of how the government approaches disputes and litigates breach of contract claims. Since 2006, she has represented contractors, subcontractors, property owners and businesses in resolving contract disputes with the federal government.

Rely on Curran Legal for Effective Advocacy to Resolve Your Contract Dispute

Curran Legal is a service-oriented law firm located near Atlanta in Marietta, GA. The firm serves clients nationwide with cost-effective and goal-oriented representation. To learn how Ms. Parks's 20 years of experience in government contract and procurement law can be your advantage in resolving contract disputes with the U.S. government, send an email. Curran Legal provides free initial consultations.