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Defective specifications in a federal contract can cost businesses a significant amount of money. Companies that conduct business with the federal government should be able to expect that design specifications in a contract are commercially appropriate for the task at hand. For instance, if the specifications provided by the government create an unsafe condition, a contractor may be entitled to an equitable adjustment.

Addressing Commercially Inappropriate or Dangerous Specifications

Defects can significantly impede construction contracts. For instance, if the contract designates a location on a military location contaminated with the unexploded ordinance as a borrow pit, the defect is a commercially inappropriate specification. Similarly, a flawed survey indicating the wrong level of the water table can create increased costs in the construction project. Defective specifications can impair the value of a transaction. For example, a contract to clear and sell lumber that is contaminated by lead from prior use as a target range will result in costs for the contractor instead of profits.

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Curran Legal Services Group is devoted to holding the government accountable for faulty design specifications. The government has a duty to ensure that design specifications in a contract are reasonably accurate and will produce satisfactory results if followed properly. Defects, errors and omissions in government specifications that result in financial harm to a contractor are the focus of the defective specification practice at Curran Legal.

Founding attorney Diana Parks draws on 20 years of experience in government contract work to analyze contract performance issues for contractors and businesses nationwide. Her skills in negotiations and dispute resolution are clear strengths of the firm. Costs incurred by a contractor is attempting to perform in accordance with a flawed contract and increased costs necessitated by change order or other processes are often included in a request for equitable adjustment or claim against the federal government.

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