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Protecting the Bottom Line in Change Orders

Any construction project requires detailed planning and management. However, at any stage of the project, delays, new obstacles or budget problems can adversely impact a contracting party. In the construction industry, contractors and subcontractors likely know that change orders can arise for a variety of reasons. In federal construction contracts, government paralysis can increase delays and expenses for contractors. Specific rules and procedures must be followed for contracting parties to protect their rights when a federal contract is involved.

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Addressing Government Paralysis and Changes with Strategic Solutions

Curran Legal Services Group located in Marietta, GA, is an established government contract and dispute resolution firm that is dedicated to protecting the rights of government contractors. Frequently, government designs exceed their budgets. The government frequently fails to issue a notice to proceed in these instances, causing delays. In any federal contract, government paralysis can increase delays and expenses for contractors. If your business has run into contract problems, Curran Legal understands the adverse impact contract problems have on your bottom line.

Curran Legal has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the dispute resolution process with a focus on results. Founding attorney Diana Parks leaves no stone unturned to help ensure clients are fairly compensated when problems arise during the course of a project.

Ms. Parks will review the entire scope of the project, ensure that the government has issued the proper notices, and guide your company through the steps it takes to resolve your contract dispute. Backed by 20 years of experience in federal contract and procurement law, she is well-versed in preparing the proper formalities and fighting for the rights of contractors, including:

  • Drafting and submitting requests for equitable adjustment (REAs)
  • Resolving disputes when contracting officers fail to recognize an REA
  • Seeking federal contract modifications (change orders)
  • Filing claims under the Contract Disputes Act
  • Addressing government failure to pay matters

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A change order problem may implicate other contract performance issues, including defective specifications or government breaches of contract. Curran Legal will fully evaluate your unique circumstances to protect your vital interests. For skilled guidance and effective advocacy, send an email to Curran Legal. The firm has a nationwide reach.