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The government spends billions of dollars contracting with businesses and landlords each year. Government contracts are complex and frequently voluminous. The power of the government and its resources are vast. When conducting business with the government, it is important for you to work with an experienced lawyer who has substantial knowledge of federal government contract procedures, methods of dispute resolution, and how government contracts are financed.

Our Knowledge of Government Contract Matters is Your Advantage

Attorney Diana Parks worked in the public sector for 10 years as counsel with the General Services Administration, the procurement and real estate management agency for the federal government. Ms. Parks brings a unique and advantageous perspective to her current clients.

Her long-standing relationships with federal sector employees, including government lawyers, help her to anticipate how the government will respond to legal issues and craft sophisticated strategies to protect the rights of her clients. She has substantial knowledge of the federal government's preferred methods of collaboration and how to approach agencies when a claim does arise, without jeopardizing your company's future business opportunities with your important client.

D provides sound counsel and representation with a comprehensive view to ensure that your business interests are protected at every stage. At the proposal and bidding stages, our attorneys remain forward-looking to ensure that the terms of a contract will be marketable in the financing markets. The goal of Curran Legal Services Group is to help clients achieve positive results throughout the course of their business with the government.

Client-Centered Counsel is the Hallmark of Curran Legal

At Curran Legal Services Group, Inc. personal service is not just a slogan - but a way of life. We know that legal issues often arise without warning. We strive to remain accessible to address the concerns of our clients. When you work with the firm, you can rest assured that you will not be treated as just another case number. The firm remains agile to serve the needs of our clients. Curran Legal leverages its low overhead to provide cost-effective legal representation for clients nationwide.

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Curran Legal is located near Atlanta in Marietta, GA. The firm's attorneys and its clients share a sense of loyalty to each other - developing long-term relationships is a clear strength of our firm.