Government Contract Disputes Attorney in Marietta, GA

As when working with a private company, if your business is contracted to do a project by the Federal Government, you expect to be treated fairly. Your contract should be honored, and your company should be paid as per the terms of your agreement. When government budgets are tight, the administration of Federal contracts frequently becomes more stringent as the government seeks to assure value for every contract dollar expended. Disputes do arise, and a skilled lawyer can ensure that your company is protected and that you are rightfully compensated for all work, including change orders or contract modifications. Curran Legal Services Group has helped numerous organizations successfully resolve their contract performance disputes and government contract claims involving changes or other cost-increasing factors.

The Government Requires ADR in The Event of A Contract Performance Dispute

When a legal dispute arises during a Federally contracted project, the government provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services and a mediator free of charge. Ms. Parks is highly experienced in both arbitration and mediation and tailors each ADR agreement to meet the needs of her clients and their specific legal issues at the time of the dispute. Having worked inside the General Services Administration (GSA), the procurement arm for the Federal Government, Ms. Parks has the advantage of the knowledge of how the GSA and other Federal agencies litigate. She is also highly skilled in approaching government disputes in an ethical and respectful manner, so as to not damage your company's future opportunities for Federal contract work.

"She [Diana] is a tough negotiator on behalf of her client, which has led to improving the company's bottom line."

-Executive from a national company with a 17-year history of doing business with the General Services Administration

Georgia Government Contract Construction Claims

Curran Legal Services Group, Inc. is located in Marietta, GA, just outside of Atlanta. Attorney Diana Parks represents government contract clients throughout the country. With extensive experience working for both the Federal Government and private clients, Ms. Parks is uniquely positioned to assist in successful contracted projects. Contact Curran Legal to speak with a highly skilled contract performance dispute attorney about your legal needs.